Monday, September 28, 2009


Let me just explain to you how uncomfortable and painful it is to have your ovaries stimulated to the point that they have 57 eggs on them! YES I said 57! And not in a whole month, which is a normal cycle where us women produce 1 egg, I am talking in only 10 days! I was so bloated and uncomfortable! And that wasn't even the bad part. I was so excited to go in on friday and have them taken out, thinking that the relief would come, Boy was I WRONG! That is when the painful part I refered to earlier kicked in! Thankfully I was asleep while they took them out, but I had no idea what I was in-store for when I woke up! Let me just say OUCH!

Thank Heaven for a wonderful husband that took care of me all weekend, bringing me meals in bed, and anything else I asked! Thank goodness I am feeling much better today, still a little sore but nothing like the last few days!

Monday, September 21, 2009


You would have thought I was a kid at Christmas when this came in the mail! And most of you are wondering why on earth I was so excited to get a huge box of medicine. Well for us it is just one step closer to being pregnant! However I have been on the medicine for a week now and let me just tell you it isn't so much fun, BUT I know what the end result will be so it makes it all worth it.

Our whole lives are centered around Dr.'s appointments, and keeping track of what medicine we are supposed to do each day! Our nurse gave us this beautiful little calendar to make sure we stayed on track and didn't get confused!
The first needles are the ones for my bum! Which we will start next week, and I am not looking forward too. Cuz the little ones that I have been doing in my belly are bad enough! (which are the second ones in the pic) You can imagine my fear when I opened the box and saw a whole bag of the big needles, (the third one down) but thankfully we learned they are only to draw the medicine from the bottles.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to my AWESOME husband, who wakes up every morning at six before I go to work to give me my shot in my belly that I just can't bring myself to do! and not once has he complained. Other then the moaning when I turn on the light and wake him up :)
I do have to say however that when he just sits up in bed and doesn't even put on his glasses to stick a needle in my stomach does make me a little nervous! ;)